A successful blending of rhythms at our last day at Brades School

It was our last day at Brades Primary School this afternoon, and we joined the drumming and dancing classes again, like we did last week. First we had to get a hang of the rhythm again and get our energy up. It is Friday, after all! The girls needed a little push before we started hopping around.

We reviewed the céili dance from last week, which we hope to perform on St. Patrick’s Day at the afternoon Slave Feast festivities in Salem. The choreography is looking good, and it’s a good combination of Irish dance with some movements created by the students themselves. The drumming is also sounding tight!

Stay tuned for more about St. Patrick’s Day performances! We will definitely be there, but the details have yet to be confirmed.

Also, next week there will be a workshop during our usual slot at Brades School with visiting artists Jalikunda (West African drum/dance troupe, with members from Senegal and the Ivory Coast) and Oliver Mtukudzi (from Zimbabwe). It will be interesting to see what they perform and teach the students, and how it differs from what they’ve been learning the Blended Rhythms workshops!