Adults learn sinte rhythm and make right/left stars

In this week’s adult djembe workshop, we learned a new rhythm called “sinte.” This was the most complicated pattern yet, and there were lots of different parts to remember. Here, have a listen:

We sped it up at the end, and it sounded great! A few of us were moving/dancing while playing, and I spied some of the kids outside unable to resist dancing too 🙂

Dance class was more difficult this week as well. First we reviewed our sean-nós steps (including the basic step, heel toe step, and heels/hips step) and I wore my hard shoes (similar to tap shoes, but with fiberglass tips and heels instead of metal) so that everyone could hear the rhythms better.

Our céili dance this week was the Siege of Carrick, which starts with a circle to the left, then has a right and left star, and then a complicated “up and down the center” figure that requires a good sense of space to avoid colliding with your neighbors. We’ll polish up this dance next week before posting videos of it!

IMG_1923 copy

IMG_1924 copy