Blended Rhythms interviewed for Montserrat documentary

This morning we were interviewed by Amadin Ryan and his team from the UK for a documentary film that is being made about the history and culture of Montserrat. They are here for a week to wrap up an 8 year project and they are planning to release the film later this year.

We talked about our project: where the idea came from (short answer: our simultaneous visits last March!), how the workshops have been going and how people are responding to the classes (short answer: very well!), what are our impressions of Montserrat (short answer: wonderful people!), and what advice we would give to other artists who have creative ideas for projects in Montserrat (short answer: just do it!).

We also talked to Amadin about his own initiative and the research that has gone into the project. His family is from Montserrat and he has strong ties here, and he explained that, in his opinion, anyone who embraces Montserratian culture is indeed a Montserratian. The film will include interviews with all kinds of people, from Sir George Martin and Paul McCartney, to Governor Davis, to local personalities, as well as other artists doing creative projects on Montserrat like we are. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

And you can see it was a beautiful day for an outdoor interview!

IMG_1883 copy

IMG_1885 copy