Irish dancers perform at the St. Patrick’s Catholic Dinner

Irish dancers from St. Augustine Roman Catholic School were invited to perform at the St. Patrick’s Catholic Dinner on Saturday at the Montserrat Culture Centre in Little Bay, and we were happy to entertain during the meal. We had four dancers and they did a great job showing some of the choreography that we’ve been working on for the past few weeks. The boys actually came with the intention of drumming (there was a miscommunication, as they thought drummers would also be performing), but they offered to dance instead and learned the choreography out on the lawn just before we went on stage! They are fast learners, and it helped that they already knew the “words” for the dance, as the girls chant them all the time at school: “Hop forward and forward and clap, and back and back two three…Irish, Irish, one two three, salsa, salsa, one two three.”

The audience seemed to enjoy the performance and it was a wonderful opportunity to show what we’ve accomplished in a short amount of time. The Martin Healy Band was also there to entertain, and Father George led everyone in a sing-along of Irish tunes. It was a beautiful evening, the food was delicious (the duckna was my favorite) and a great way to kick off the St. Patrick’s weekend!

Thank you Father George and St. Augustine principal Claudia Skerritt for the invitation!

I am still looking for a video of the performance, so watch this space for an update.

IMG_2138 copy