St. Augustine girls find the salsa in sean-nós dancing

Today the girls at St. Augustine were ready for some more advanced steps, building on the toes, heels, and stamps patterns that we’ve been working on. We introduced the basic step of sean-nós (old style) dancing: “and-a heel and heel stamp, and-a heel and heel stamp.” Then we learned a “toe heel toe” step and a “cross in cross out and stamp stamp stamp” step. The girls love saying the words while they dance! But sometimes it takes time and practice for the words to travel down to the feet.

The girls noticed how similar the “cross in cross out” step is to the basic salsa step, so we put a little hip into the sean-nós dance. Irish dance like you’ve never seen it! Each girl got to show off their own personal salsa style one at a time, and then they demonstrated the “hip bump” with a partner.

Their creativity is brilliant!

Still 19

Still 20