Videos from “Dancing the Archive”

The videos posted here are referenced by number in Kathleen Spanos’ dissertation:
“Dancing the Archive: Rhythms of Change in Post-Volcano Identities on Montserrat, West Indies”

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* indicates a video that was recorded and is owned by Kathleen Spanos

An Orientation to Montserrat

Chapter 1:
Searching for Montserrat’s Archive:
Irish and African Identities in the Island’s History

Chapter 2:
Rhythms of Change in Montserrat’s Masquerade Dance

Chapter 3:
Montserrat’s Annual Festival Calendar:
Negotiations of Identity Through Musical Dialogues and Debates

Chapter 4:
Dancing to Listen: Navigating Rhythmic Soundscapes on Montserrat

Chapter 5:
Performing Reconfigurations of Community for Montserrat’s Future Archives

Other videos:

Photographs and masquerade music are also available on this website:

Masquerade music: